Mahmood Yar Mohammad Loo

Mahmood Yar Mohammadloo

Born in 1961, Tehran

Passed filmmaking and music courses in Kanoon-e Parvaresh-e fekri-e Koodakan va Nojavanan, 1974-1977

Graduated in editing (cinema) at the University of Art, 1991

Cooperation with the editing section of the Ministry of Cultural and Islamic Guidance

Editing many short films in years 1991-1994, including “ I have made a mirror out of art “, “ mother assistant”, “ it’s the windows’ turn “

One of the members of the editors’ society and the documentarians’ society in Khane-e Cinama

Editing the films “ in lotus’ shade “ and “ the earth’s hopes “

Writer, director and editor of the documentary films:

1.     “ in the cage “ , 16 millimeter

2.      “ the dervish of metals ”, D.V.Cam

3.      “ broken joined “, D.V.Cam

4.      “ the story of a story teller “, D.V.Cam

Directed ten episodes of the documentary series “ the little messenger stamp “

Editing some series including:

. Aftab and Azizkhanoom

. Hemmat school children

. experience

. Khorshid school children

. a house in the dark

. youth