Piont Of View
What is Educational Film?

Believe it or not, I’ve been obssessed with this question for a long time. It’s true but I haven’t found any reasonable answer for that yet, so I’d better change the title and choose another one like “a few points about educational film”. well that’s a lot better now, let’s go to these points.

a.     Educational film and budget

As talking about this subject may lead to some problems, I don’t go to the details and just say that if you want to, according to the administrative laws ofcourse, buy some property or equipment, or if you want to carry out a conference or even a festival, you won’t face any problems cause there are certain laws and bills and notes for all these things. But if you want to make an educational film, you can’t, you simply can’t, I don’t know why, maybe if you ask others you will recieve a reasonable answer; but I don’t really suggest it!

b.     Educational film and the scientific expert

Take it from me, youcan’t make a film, I mean an educational one, without a scientific expert. So find one first, preferably a famous one. It’s great if you can find one of the school book authors, cause then your film will defenetly be produced. The author himself ( or herself) will take care of the objectors. Otherwise you will have problems, even if your expert is proffesional and reasonable, you will have problems if your expert doesn’t have those two conditions.

c.      Educational film and the structure

You should take some points into consideration if you want to rech a good structure. Use white  boards instead of black boards. The teachers in the film should behave and talk like a good teacher, no extra movements or laughing. They should never use their hands to erase something from the white board, cause it’s a badinfluence. About the resolution, you can use the technology to have two light on the ceiling and that’s it! Don’t forget to turn the camera on!

Reza Ziaei Doostan

P.S. As the only educational film orderers in Iran are the governmental centers ( except for Seda o Sima), this text is about making films in these centers only.

                                                            Reza Ziaee Doostan