Piont Of View
Learning , Education And Film

We all need learning. It is a part of our every day life, and plays an important role in our success or failure. Along the human advances and technology, and as the social relations become more complexe, another factor enters the learning cycle. Today, weall need education in different social classes and different roles. In today’s societies people’s success is closely related to their educational level, and everyday this relation becomes more and more. If a child is educated properly, he/she will almost surely find a good job in future. He/She also needs certain education to find a good partner for his/her life, and can be a better father or mother for his/her children through education. So it can be said that we need an efficient educational system to have a better society, and it can be reasonably argued that the progress of different societies depends on the progress of their educational centers.

Today the importance of education makes the governments try to make education possible for everyone. Reaching this goal needs short term and long term programs, and that is possible using proper equipment and methods and considering each society’s cultural and historical features.

One of the things that can have a graet role in education is films. Being effective and interesting, films can educate directly and indirectly besides gaining people’s attraction. The films’ role in education is undeniable. Using educational films in advanced countries is quite current. These films are used by television channels, cable televisions and vidio channels.

Our country has also been a part of this, and considering the importance of films and their usage in education, has had many plans and performed them for many years. Educating on television started 30 years ago, and we have been using films( in different ways) at schools for many years. But have these activities been efficient? What is the main difference between what goes on in our country and the other countries? What is our plan for using educational films? What have we done to do so, and have they been efficient and completing one another?

Statistics say that in the last ten years the governmental centers have done a good job in educational film making and that good works have been produced. But as the main factor of success, which is starting a system, has never been planed, this process has been slowing down and in some cases stoppedfor different reasons like management changings and consequently taste changings, budget providing problems and relying completely on governmental budget. Continuing things in the old way will be of no use and even prejudical unless these problems are carefully taken care of.


                                           Reza Ziaee Doostan