Piont Of View
the plan of starting educational films production system


Today almost all experts agree on replacing book dependent education with plan dependent education. In this way, education is done through a complex plan whose different parts will function as a whole in order to gain educational goals. In plan dependent educational system, the book author sees the book as a part of the plan, not all of it; so there will be many gaps in his book which will be filled by the teacher, pictures and photoes, supplementry devices,presentations, games etc. And the outcome will be given to schools as an educational package.

Paying attention to the process of providing each part of an educational package, we see that our educational system has only fulfilled the schools’ need in compiling books; and as the other cases either have not been called for in the plan or have been considered as minor factors, no proper planning has been done for them. Now that replacing book dependency with plan dependency is inevitable and most experts and planners agree on that, naturally there has to be some planning to prepare the other parts of the educational plan, which needs systematic organization.

One of the most important parts of a lesson plan is educational films. Despite the governmental centers’ experience in producing video and audio works and in spite of some successful courses, unfortunately starting an educational film production system has not been possible for some reasons like: lack of economical independence, the way of budget allocation, improper personnel structure, lack of a long term plan and most important of all considering films as a minor part of lesson plan. The system should include a producing, multiplying and distributing cycle and be capable of continuing its task by providing educational films for school classes.

As it was mentioned, though progress has been made in educational film making in governmental centers, analyzing the process in the past rises the question that, considering its oppositeness with the administrative process, is it possible to start an educational film making production system in the governmental centers? Isn’t this in inconsistence with the government’s long term plans about improving the private division? Or isn’t it more efficient to start this system in the private division and without relying on governmental budget?

Unfortunately, the present condition of educational film production is not interesting for the private division to invest at all, but there are some ways to make them interested. To reach this goal, the governmental division should protect the private division to make it interested in investingin this connection, and establish the qualifications for starting an educational film producing, multiplying and distributing cycle to increase the assurance for investing. Some essential steps are: defining films as a part of the lesson plan and insisting on using them in books and test plannings, propagating the use of educational films in schools and families, and protecting the educational film producers by supporting the copyright law. The fact that the private division should be able to produce the films and provided the schools with them and continue this job with the income, should be considered through the process. Ofcource reaching this goal needs a long term plan and the stages should be passed one by one.

                                                               Reza Ziaee Doostan